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Have it read barcodes from webcams and automatically look up the book and enter all of the data.

Mark Fordworth , 29.08.2012, 07:13
Idea status: under consideration


sos4ever, 29.08.2012, 08:15
It already is setup to do that, however, for my quick test I was not able to use that function although it did show the barcode in the view barcode box. As well I tried to adjust the parameters but was not successful in using the scan feature.
Q, 29.08.2012, 14:29
It only works with some types of bar codes, definitely not all.
Shawn, 30.08.2012, 06:12
Check out the project ZBar bar code reader on Sourceforge might be some useful information there to assist you in the code designs for the scanning options.

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